Before you book with us please read this carefully the agreement between you and When you book with us, you confirm that you accept these terms and conditions on your behalf and behalf of all the group members. Further, if you are making the booking for more than one person, that you are responsible for all the payments due from each and every group member for whom you are making the booking.

Deviation of Pricing!

“My Cheap Flight” does not guarantee nor is accountable for any pricing that is given to passengers by our representatives or within the agency. Prices may vary if an event such as taxes increases, airline prices jack-ups, or any other occurrences occurs. However, if the taxes decrease, the cost of fuel decreases, airline pricing drops then customers will also pay lower rates for their ticket purchasing. Prices also deviate due to exchanging, or cancellation of tickets and the new pricing goes with the present time. If the rates elevate then the passengers are responsible for paying the difference, if it is lower then, we will send you a credit in which it can be used on the next reservation. Failure to pay the difference on your modified reservations can result in termination of the booking.

Data Security Policy!

We want to assure our passengers that their data is secured with us and it is solely our responsibility to keep it protected. We will only rely on the personal information that is required by our company and the reservation made by the passenger. The law requires us to pass a certain type of information such as airlines, hotels, and other travel amenities. However, we might pass your personal information to security check or credit check companies and public authorities such as customs and immigration.


Travellers must pay the deposit of £50.00 at the time of booking, and the remaining amount of the ticket needs to be paid in the time span of one week. However, please know that you will not get the same price of the ticket that you had initially booked for and gave a deposit, your price will go by the day you pay fully and prices going for that particular day. If the debit/credit card declines and the passenger fail to make another payment then the booking will be terminated without any further notification. Deposit terms, specific accommodations and tour material will vary. Please talk to a representative for further details. All of our deposits and bookings are non-refundable. Reservations made less than 30 days prior to the journey must have a credit card or debit card on file. Full payment will be debited automatically in the event that the booking is available as exactly requested. Final payments and tour products may vary by airlines, which will be given to the traveller in writing. Please be advised that that paying the deposit does not mean that you will not get the ticket price initially seen during the booking, you will pay the price of the ticket that is going for that day, as the confirmation process is complete.

Card Fees!

Please be advised that a card fee will be automatically be applied to any reservation made by credit cards/debit cards. There will be a 1% surcharge on Debit Cards, 3% surcharge on Credit Cards, 4% surcharge on American Express.

Amendment Fee!

Let us assume that a person has procured a ticket but is unable to travel on that date. Then he/she can have her reservation amended. The person can call the agency and have them change the travel date. However, this will incur an amendment fee to the booking, which varies by airlines. In this particular scenario, the reservation is not cancelled; rather it is changed to different travelling date. If there is a price difference, then that is taken into account and added to the fee.

Reporting of Incidents!

In rare cases, airline companies might cancel flights due to several occasions. The flights can be cancelled because of severe weather conditions, security issues, the safety of flight (technical problems with the plane), and not enough staffing or customers to resume the flight. In all of these circumstances, “My Cheap Flight” then reserves the right to amend the journey so the person can reach there safely and soundly. If the minimum numbers of passengers are not met for a flight the airline industry reserves the right cancel the flight since it might cost more to operate it. If you have made some other travelling arrangements with the reservation cancelled due to not reaching the minimum passenger numbers then that travel booking will terminate as well. We will rebook you on a different reservation with similar or better products and if we are not successful in doing so then we will refund your money. If everything is back to normal before the departure date then the reservations will continue as shown on the ticket, if not then we will notify for further steps that need to be taken. If the newer booking is less than the initial reservation then we will refund or credit the difference, if the newer reservation is higher than the customer is liable for paying the difference between the two. By law, we need to inform our customers about the carrier operating the flight and type of aircraft, connecting flights associated with the journey, and any modifying information that can interfere within the journey. Any amendments within the booking will be notified to our customers as soon as possible, however, some other minute changes such as gate changes, aircraft changes, and overbooking might interfere with the tour. The passengers are not obligated to the modifications of the bookings and they can deny it. In this case, we refund your money but keep the surcharges of the credit cards with the assumption that a credit/debit card received payment. If the error occurred was by us (My Cheap Flight) and it cost the vacationer the reservation, then we will compensate the tourist.


We are not liable for any pushbacks or setbacks an airline receives due to weather, security, staffing of the carrier, or any other issue. Any damages or loss of property should be reported to the airline and airport authorities; we have no responsibility for our customers’ possessions and properties (such as luggage).

Pricing Policy!

All fares are subject to availability. The price of the reservation could only change if the booking is altered after the ticket has been allotted. Once the payment of the reservation is received in full, the price is locked, a confirmation number will be sent, and no further surcharges will be incurred to the passenger unless amended by the passenger (cancellation of the booking). Please do keep in mind that if the cost by suppliers escalates then the surcharges will elevate too. Price deviation depends on reflection of government actions such as airfares, fuel cost, and changes in government taxes regarding air travel. If even one component increases, chances are that airlines will increase the airfares as well. However, airlines will incur a 2% increase without changing the airfare, but if the cost is more than 2% then the passenger is responsible for the remainder of the payment. If the patron fails to pay these dues then the reservation is cancelled without further notifications. If the operating cost for the airline goes down then the airfares will drop in price and if there is, a credit that we owe to our passenger we will issue it.

Complaint and Claims!

Our main goal is to strive in providing exhilarating service and to become one of the most eminent Travel agency. With being said please feel free to contact us regarding any questions or concerns that a customer might have. If a customer is dissatisfied with our agency services, please let us so we can know to rectify the problem. However, the problem needs to be addressed within 30 days of the return date, otherwise, it’s not a legitimate request and it will be ignored. We are open to suggestions and feedback from our customers please relates to us of how we are doing, we would really appreciate that.

Flights and Travel Documents!

Travel documents will be issued electronically once we have received full payment. Departure/Arrival time of the flights is displayed by the airline and airport status websites. Modifications of flights and their details due to weather severity or any other means can be assessed by the airport as well. Special travel arrangements cannot be made if the passenger arrives at the airline counter late. Please read your tickets to know the departure and arrival of your flights. We have the right to amend a journey if we find out that a flight is blacklisted and you are about to travel upon it. Blacklisted flight is an airline that has poor maintenance records, or is understaffed or any other means. As passengers please make sure that you have all your required documents such as, (passport, Identification, and tickets).


Airfare will increase as taxes, fuel cost, airport security, and maintenance cost proliferate. However, if the departure falls within 30 days then the price does not escalate because 2% of that increase will be absorbed by the airline industry. If a passenger adds travellers insurance that is an option, which might increase and does not fall into the 2% category absorbed by the company. If there is an increase and you opted this option you will pay the difference for the increase from your initial purchase. If the initial booking is lower than the recent one with the price increase then the passenger is liable to make that payment unless otherwise specified, failure to do can result in cancellation.

Special Medical requests And Needs!

If you have any type of special medical needs please ensure you address that to our highly qualified representatives. We try to assist you in any way possible and accommodate all of your needs. If we fail to get your needs accommodated then we are not liable for it. If a tourist needs medical attention or has a medical illness that prohibits him/her from travelling, please let us know prior to the booking. People with these illnesses require written documents in order to proceed with the booking. Most international destinations do not accommodate disabled passengers that well, and destination can jeopardize the health or safety issues of that passenger.

Our Responsibility!

We are all about service and integrity, however, we are a third party supplier of your requests for your itinerary, therefore, we are not responsible for any loss or damage, or even death caused by any means during the journey. The only way we are liable is by us making a negligence mistake, which was not correct or caught by us.

Telephone Calls!

We act as a call center and if you contact us through phone then please be advised that your calls will be recorded. We will use the recorded calls as training purposes to provide exceptional services to our customers. If you contact us through email then please be advised that we will keep that on our files for future references.

Departure Excises!

In rare cases, some departure taxes are not included with the ticket pricing and paid within the country itself. These departures taxes are non-refundable.

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